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Little Music Makers offers an eight week long mixed-age class including children from birth through age five, and a Babies only class from birth through eight months at the start of the session.. The experiential nature of the class creates an environment where a baby and a four year (and everyone in between!) will take away different things from each class, and yet the variety of ages will enhance the learning.  A parent or caregiver must attend and participate in every class with his or her child.  


Each class will include song, dance, instrument exploration, and other forms of movement.  At the start of each session, each enrolled family will receive a code for a tab on this website that will include versions of the songs being used for the session.  This music will be in the form of both a Spotify playlist and links to iTunes, if you choose to buy and download some of the music for your child’s enjoyment outside of class.  (Any car ride is easier and seems shorter when your child is listening to engaging music!) 


The Little Music Makers of Flagstaff Studio is located in the Green Tree Village Mini Mall, Suite 112 at 1800 S. Milton Ave. (Near NiMarco's Pizza, Aveda, and Campus Coffee Bean) 


Eight Week Sessions

Early Fall

Begins Aug 17 

Late Fall

Begins Oct 19 


Begins Jan 11


Begins Mar 22

How Much?

Multi- Age Class First child: $100

Multi- Age Class Additional siblings in the same class: $75 (siblings under 1 year of age are free)

Babies Class: $75

Refer a friend to receive a $5 discount for the following session! 

Once the first class begins, refunds are not available.  If you have to miss a class, you are welcome to attend the other class at any time during the session for a make-up, after notifying Jody.  Two make-up classes will be allowed each session.  

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We will follow the weather related cancellations that the FUSD makes.  In an event of a weather related school delay, class will be cancelled and rescheduled.

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