Spring Session Classes Begin March 23!

“This class has helped my son bloom!  I like that it's such a great way for parents and children to meet and play and most importantly learn!”

                          -Little Music Maker Mom

   Why start so young?

  • Introduces children to the joys of music making and exploration.

  • Strengthens the bond between child and parent.

  • Gives parents a large collection of songs and activities to share with their children at home. 

  • Promotes creativity and self-confidence.

  • Provides an environment for children to be a part of a low-pressure, organized, group setting.

  • Enhances communication skills and vocabulary development.

  • Builds your community and support through meeting other children and parents.

  • Fosters foundational reading, language and listening skills.

Classes take place in 8 week sessions. Each class will include song, dance, instrument exploration, and other forms of movement. The experiential nature of the class creates an environment where a baby and a four year (and everyone in between!) will take away different things from each class, and yet the variety of ages will enhance the learning. 

"Virtual" Class Schedule

Tuesday 9:30 - 10:10 AM 

Wednesday 10:30 - 11:10 AM

Wednesday  4:00-4:40 PM

Thursday 9:30-10:10 AM


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