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Common Questions

I can’t sing!  How am I supposed to participate with my child?

Shhhh!  Don’t let Jody hear you say that you can’t sing!  Everyone can sing, and the quality of your singing in class won’t be noticed or judged.  The most comforting sound your little one will hear is the sound of your voice.  It doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like, it is perfect to your child.  His or her little ears will be picking out your voice in class above all others, including Jody’s. 

Does it really work to have so many different ages in one class?

Yes!  In a class like this, not only does it work, but it adds to the experience!  Having all different levels of learners involved will bring out many different aspects of the class, and the younger children love taking in everything that the older children are doing, while the older children love helping to set the example.  When we are up on our feet moving around the room, there will be babies being held, children who can move on their own but feel more comfortable being in a parents arms, and children who are choosing to explore the situation on their own two feet.  Each of these ways is a great way to experience the class!

Can Grandma and Grandpa or other family members come watch one of the classes?

There are no “sidelines” in this class, so yes, please bring a loved one with you, but please encourage them to find a place on the floor and participate! (There will obviously be cases of someone joining in who is not comfortable on the floor, but for the most part, this is what I encourage.)  

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