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   Why start so young?

  • Introduces children to the joys of music making and exploration.

  • Strengthens the bond between child and parent.

  • Gives parents a large collection of songs and activities to share with their children at home. 

  • Promotes creativity and self-confidence.

  • Provides an environment for children to be a part of a low-pressure, organized, group setting.

  • Enhances communication skills and vocabulary development.

  • Builds your community and support through meeting other children and parents.

  • Fosters foundational reading, language and listening skills.

Here's what parents are saying about the current online session...
"This is the best part of our week!  Thanks for bringing a little bit of normal to us!"
"My little one loves it, and even my older kids are joining in!"
"We needed this right now!  Every day my daughter wakes up asking if it's a 'Miss Jody day'"!

Classes take place in 8 week sessions. Each class will include song, dance, instrument exploration, and other forms of movement. The experiential nature of the class creates an environment where a baby and a five year (and everyone in between!) will take away different things from each class, and yet the variety of ages will enhance the learning. 

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