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Here's what parents are saying about the current online session...
"This is the best part of our week!  Thanks for bringing a little bit of normal to us!"
"My little one loves it, and even my older kids are joining in!"
"We needed this right now!  Every day my daughter wakes up asking if it's a 'Miss Jody day'"!

Little Music Makers of Flagstaff can't wait to be back in person creating music with you, but for now, our first priority has to be health and safety.  Little Music Makers offers an eight week long mixed-age class including children from birth through age five.  The experiential nature of the class creates an environment where a baby and a five year (and everyone in between!) will take away different things from each class, and yet the variety of ages will enhance the learning.  A parent or caregiver must attend and participate in every class with his or her child.  


Each class will include song, dance, instrument exploration, and other forms of movement.  At the start of each session, each enrolled family will receive a code for a tab on this website that will include versions of the songs being used for the session.  This music will be in the form of both a Spotify playlist and links to iTunes, if you choose to buy and download some of the music for your child’s enjoyment outside of class.  (Any car ride is easier and seems shorter when your child is listening to engaging music!)  For this virtual session, your registration also includes a material kit (2 scarves, 2 shaker eggs, and 2 rhythm sticks) with more kits available for an additional charge and a discount given for students who already own these materials. 

Eight Week Sessions

Early Fall

Begins Aug 18

Late Fall

Begins Oct 22 


Begins Jan 12


Begins Mar 23

Once the first class begins, refunds are not available. 

If you have to miss a class, you are welcome to attend the other class at any time during the session for a make-up.

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