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Keeping everyone safe will be the top priority!  Here is what is expected for outdoor classes:

  • Everyone four and older will be expected to mask up and distance.
  • Please bring a blanket that helps establish your family's safe "territory" during class.
  • Please bring your own material kit each time.  Extras will be provided, and anything extra that is used will be properly cleaned before its next use.
  • In order for Miss Jody to be able to focus on teaching the class, each adult will be responsible for making sure that their child/children are safely distancing from others.  I know that this is difficult at an age where all they want to do is explore, but by doing this, an in-person option can be offered.
  • If you or your child is sick or has been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home!  Between virtual options and flexibility with make-ups, I will work with you to make it work for everyone. 
Please reach out with your questions and concerns (contact info below).  I want to know what matters to you and what you are comfortable with so that we can find a way to make this comfortable and possible. 
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